Manchester Gregorian Football Club

Managers Meeting

With the UK lockdown ending tomorrow, grassroots football is now back!! We have training (Wednesday 2nd December) quickly followed by games for both the 1st and 2nd team squads that weekend. With so many players available for these events the management team which consists of Pat, Graham, Alex, Ben, and Danny decided to get together and discuss squads. By doing this it enables us to divide up the squads based on what we think we will be selecting before Saturday. We feel this is important so we train with the squads who will be selected for the up and coming games.

I think it’s important that all players understand the communication that goes on behind the scenes. Hopefully, this will push a 2nd team player as they know the 1st team manager will get to hear about it? Or a 1st team players need to continue to push themselves as there are players who are knocking at the door? Whatever it is, it can only be good for the club and we will see that materialise on the pitch come Saturday.

This is our plan going forward so every training session or game counts as it’s all discussed and used to select our squads every week. We also rely on players communicating as best they can through Spond so we know exactly who is available.

We’re all looking forward to see everybody at training ready to prepare for 6 points on Saturday!

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